Decision Support Systems (DSS)

In the health sector, where a large amount of data and processes are subjected in many cases to complex and critical action protocols, the presence of systems that make it easier for professionals and patients to make decisions and access relevant information at all times is a first level need.

In this context, decision support systems (DSS) are established as tools of great importance where you can incorporate and manage:

  • Action protocols for specific pathologies
  • Clinical guides
  • Scheduled alerts and reminders for professionals and patients
  • Patient summaries and reports
  • Documentation templates
  • Diagnostic help


In this area from INSATI we have specialized in the design, development and integration of DSS on multiple systems and platforms, such as electronic medical records, mobile applications or cloud platforms. We develop service-oriented architectures based on the most widespread standards of the sector, focusing our efforts on the knowledge incorporation into the system, both medical and patient generated.

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