The iBeaken workshop is a 1 day ‘working’ session in a museum or heritage site with a group of teenagers (age 15 or older).   The aim is to create in one single day a complete self guided smartphone tour for the permanent or a temporary exhibition…

Who does what ?

With a little help from a museum or site curator, the teens are making the guide themselves :

  • they write the texts
  • they shoot video with their own smartphone or find footage on web sources
  • they record audio (radio or podcast style) with their own smartphone
  • they make an engagement quiz
  • and finally print out the QR codes or choose keypad numbers or build an image cluster…

How long ?

The 1-day program is lead by 1 or 2 iBeaken team members and is divided in different parts :

  • #1 introduction + plan
  • #2 different groups create content (texts, audio, video, quiz, offers, etc…)
  • #3 create social media trafic to their own networks, building up awareness for the theme and museum
  • #4 implementing the tour with QR codes or numbers

And in the end we organise a small vernissage – with drinks and chips 😉 !


  • engage actively with local museum through content and technology
  • show museums what they like and need
  • activate new visitors through their own social media

What is needed ?

Teenagers are tremendously creative with language (ah an old debate ;-)), have a great eye for media and we use the equipment out of their pocket (the smartphone !) to create audio and video content.

The museum or heritage site is asked to invite a local school group of maximum 20 motivated teens of over 15, make their sources available and curate the content together with them.

We also need access to 3 local computers…

Interested to get a IBEAKEN WORKSHOP at your site ?  Mail to discuss…