iBeaken CLOUD

The IBEAKEN is the absolute starter pack and gives you the opportunity to create, manage and publish content to visitors smartphones immediately.

It takes literally only a couple of minutes to add your first ‘smartphone content page’ for your site or venue, thoroughly tested on thousands of sites and awarded with more than 5.000 unique daily users since 2011 !


iBeaken - the elements

You are free to fill 100 pages with each :

content :

  • 250 words
  • a slider with up to 3 images
  • as many languages as you like
  • audio (through services like e.g. soundcloud, etc…)
  • video (through services like e.g. vimeo, daily motion, youtube, etc…)
  • sign language
  • external links
  • a dazzling quiz
  • a map with generic POI’s

special end user features :

  • enlarge text
  • user language detection
  • favourites
  • sharing to socnets
  • user comments
  • rewards program

and also standard :

  • your own logo and colors
  • your own URL
  • your own icon in the map
  • a sponsor bar at the bottom
  • clusters (groups of pages)
  • itineraries
  • offers for the rewards program


  • 399€ annually* – 100 pages – ideal for small and medium sized venues, sites and museums, discounts for multiple years engagement.  SIGN UP now 
  • or test IBEAKEN CLOUD – free of charge for 60 days !

Site specific complementary services or features can be added by our IBEAKEN LAB team…

* in case you need start up support for your staff, we ‘may’ add a set-up fee…
* for larger museums, price per department – (e.g. greek department, egyptian department, roman department, etc…)