iBeaken is a continuously evolving, living eco-system, maintained by a team of passionate people and… YOU.

Any museum or heritage site, can contribute to the innovation of front and back end.

Based on iBeaken, we give form to your own interactive guiding ideas for your museum or heritage site and will make sure it pleases your guests : you don’t like the standard lay-out ?  Your designer wants something more personal ? You want whistle and bells ?  Let’s make it together !

That is the ‘IBEAKEN LAB’ ! We think and work together with you and you only participate financially in the part that you want to (re)build… That’s more efficient, cheaper and faster !!

Ongoing projects

Today we work with several sites to build a new part on to iBeaken:

-> Parque Arquéoloxico da Arte Rupestre Campo Lameiro : the curator doesn’t want any QR codes on existing panels.  We’ll add numbers to the text panels, that the visitor needs to enter in a virtual keypad – budget : 680€

-> Compostela Literaria : we make it possible to add a personal welcome message and will add extra categories with specific icons for the literary theme – budget : 680€

-> Religiana : adding an import API, finalizing a complex international donation scheme, etc…


Several of the options on our development list will enhance the visitor experience greatly (but the list is not limited to these !! – if you have other ideas, just tell us…) :

Other services


  • research and copywriting
  • shoot slick video
  • make fancy audio clips
  • translations


  • add custom POI’s to the map
  • change the end user interface
  • build apps (iOS, Android,…)
  • build new features


We love to experiment and build great tools for your community.  And we really would love to do it for free – but unfortunately we need to feed our children and developers :-D…

There are different ways of funding the development of your wildest ideas :

  • you pay development (alone or together with other venues !)
  • mobile donations
  • sponsors or patrons
  • sharing revenue on entrance tickets
  • sales of prepaid cards
  • crowd sourcing

You see : there are many possibilities to develop and fund, but first we’d like to analyse and discuss your needs.  Contact our agents to discuss your wildest developments ideas…