Province of Liège, Belgium

The Province of Liège (Belgium) is a province with a rich history in culture and heritage.  It is situated near the borders with Flanders, the Netherlands and Germany in a pretty dynamic economic area.

Rich Culture and heritage

It features wellness tourism around the historic town ‘SPA’, extensive nature reserves, carnivalesque traditions, amazing historic buildings and much more…

The 11 tourist houses of the province have 550 iBeakens spread out over the province visible by a specific touristic shield.

The iBeakens are accompanied by ‘touristic minisites’ – which are fading out to extinction by the end 2017 and have been replaced by the POI’s in the iBeaken map… creating a integrated experience for the iBeaken guests.

Budget :

  • Annual costs :
    • touristic minisites @ 250€
    • IBEAKEN CLOUD @ 299€ (discounted group price)


Place de la République Française 1
4000 Liège – B-Belgique
+32 4 237 95 26