Napoleon’s last victory, Ligny

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Friday june 16th, 1815.  It was a beautiful spring day, but by the evening the name of this small and peaceful village in the province of Namur would be written with blood on the pediment of history.

During 6 hours 150,000 soldiers fought each other, fiercely destroying everything what local families had built here during centuries.

That village ‘Ligny’, engraved in the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, is remembered for ever as the place of Napoleon’s last victory…

This 8km route, starting from the Musée Napoléon,  brings you behind Napoleon’s lines, through the village to the side of the Prusian army…

Budget :

  • Investment : 2.500€
    • weather proof shields
    • translations
    • weather proof smartphones
  • Annual costs :

Address/Start of the walk

Ligny 1815 –
Centre Général Gérard
Rue Pont Piraux 23
5140 Ligny, Belgium