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The village of Floreffe (BE) didn’t suffer too much from the Great War (1914-1918)… But when the German army rolled over Belgium in August 1914, some civilians and soldiers were killed.

Many streets in Floreffe and hamlets around still carry the names of those who died for their country : Georges Hancotte, Joseph Piret, François Dache, Camille Giroul, etc etc…  Each of these names tell the story of Floreffe during the war.

This tour features 16 commemorative panels over a 34km trip by car or 7km by foot through the village, marked by the river Sambre, the famous Abbaye and the great landscape around…


Budget :

  • Investment : 29.400€
    • design & production panels
    • some research (trip to archives of Kassel (DE), photo search)
    • mounts
    • 5 year contract for IBEAKEN CLOUD
    • map design & printing

Address :

Tourist office Floreffe
Rue Emile Romedenne 9 – 5150 Floreffe
telephone.gif +32 81 447 119
email.gif tourisme@floreffe.be