A walk in Bure

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iBeaken @ Bure (FRA, NED)

Bure is a small village near Tellin, Belgian Luxembourg.  A 5km walk brings us from the calvary (made by Jijé, one of the founders of the comic strip magazine ‘Spirou’), near the legendary ‘Notre-Dame de Haurt’ and the Royal Fountain…

We took care of producing of several weatherproof panels along the 5 km walk, featuring iBeaken QR codes and NFC to augment the content online.

Budget :

  • Investment : 1.317€
    • Our client has taken care of the lay-out
    • Production of 5 panels
    • Renovation of 2 ‘old’ panels within the existing structure
    • 3 pole & wall mounts
    • translations
  • Annual costs :

Address/Start of the walk

Rue de Belvaux
6927 Bure, Tellin, Belgium

More info :
Maison du Tourisme de la Haute-Lesse http://www.haute-lesse-tourisme.be/index.en
Place de l’Esro, 60
6890 Redu
+32 61 656 699