14-18 in Virton

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iBeaken @ Virton (FRA, NED, ENG, DEU)

The town of Virton in the far south of Belgium was the home of doctor Hustin, who refined the technique of blood transfusion during the Great War, saving millions of lives !!

The Virton 14-18 tour brings you along 7 different 14-18 locations in a 1 hour walk…

We took care of producing the 7 weather and tourist proof panels along the 4 km walk, featuring iBeaken QR codes and NFC to augment the content online.

Budget :

  • Investment : 1.016,09€
    • Our client has taken care of the lay-out
    • Production of 7 panels
    • translations (NL, EN, DE)
  • Annual costs :

Address/Start of the walk

Maison du Tourisme de la Gaume http://www.soleildegaume.be
rue des Grasses Oies, 2b
+32 63 57 89 04