Islas Atlanticas

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Islas Atlanticas is an island group and national park in the atlantic ocean, in front of the city of Pontevedra… It’s truly a most wonderful and precious place in Galicia, if not in Europe…

Faro do Peito, Monte do Faro, Alto do Príncipe, Mirador de Fedorentos, Ensenada de Caniveliñas, Buraco do Inferno, Canexol, la aldea y el faro de Sálvora o el bosque de Cortegada are just some of the spots in the park that are now equipped with iBeaken.

The existing panels have been augmented with 30 iBeaken shields giving the visitors access to more information about the island fauna and flora through QR codes and NFC.

Budget :

  • investment :
    • 30 iBeaken SIGNS
    • content
    • translations
  • annual costs

Address :

Islas Atlanticas –