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This is one of our first projects in Sweden back in 2012 : the Riddarhuset is the ‘House of nobility’ in the Swedish capital Stockholm. The house is open to international visitors every day from 11h to 12h.

Every year more than 20.000 people visit the House and enjoy the rich and lively history of the leaders of Sweden.

The main challenge of the Riddarhuset was to serve rapidly correct information in different languages to the guests. Our agent, Rickard Molin, took care of the texts, labels, stands and the 10 different languages…

Budget :

  • Investment : 2.000€
    • stands
    • translations in 10 languages
    • texts
  • Annual costs


Riddarhuset – http://www.riddarhuset.se
Riddarhustorget 10, 103 11 Stockholm
+46 (0)8-723 39 90