Musée de la Céramique

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iBeaken @ Musée de la Céramique

The city of Andenne is famous for it’s fine clay, excellent for making smoking pipes.  It is obvious that the city would honor the workers and entrepreneurs from that glorious past with a museum : the ‘Musée de la Céramique’.

It shows the entire process from clay digging to the final ceramic art works from Andenne and the rest of the world.

Amongst the most interesting objects in the museum are the works of Arthur Craco who found the finest ‘derle‘ (the local clay) and large ovens in Andenne to create his man-sized art works.

The museum is using iBeaken to augment the objects and displays with a digital layer.  Instead of adding expensive and noisy multimedia screens, the visitors can discretely pick up films and audio from the national television archives.


Best is to bring your own device and hook on the free wifi. A locked 7″ tablet is available for free at the welcome desk for visitors without a smartphone.

The content download is triggered with QR codes and NFC.

Budget :

  • Investment
    • locked tablet : 349€
    • NFC tags : 100€
  • Annual costs :


Musée de la Céramique –
Rue Charles Lapierre 29
5300 Andenne
+32 85 844 181