This is not a list of all the projects we’ve done, but a selection for inspiration…


iBeaken is more than ‘just’ a museum app… ¬†Start building your community today !

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Heritage sites

iBeaken is the key to unlock the past and give it a true and veracious face. ¬†Whether it’s inside or outside, let us take you by the hand and lead you through…

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National Parks & Nature

iBeaken shows the depth of nature’s force on your smartphone : view 4 seasons in a couple of seconds, hear the hummingbird’s chirping, get a front row’s night view.

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iBeaken prones a combination of physical panels and digital animation for the smartphone with translations, multi-media and a rewards program to monitor visitor movements anonymously.

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iBeaken is a real marketing opportunity for countries, regions, provinces, cities and villages…

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