What ?

iBeaken is a museum and heritage whisperer  !  But more than that it’s a visitor engagement and activation platform.

A visit… hu ??

Yep : a platform where you create multi-media content for the visitor’s smartphone.  You engage with the visitor and re-activate him/her after his visit through a set of tools and techniques that we adapt in function of the situation and the public…

Content is first

First you create good content around heritage, history,…  Great stories are the oil for a good smartphone experience.

visitor engagement and activation platform
Through a wireless network (3G, 4G, Wifi) and a trigger (NFC, QR, iB code, etc…) the visitor accesses the multilingual, multi-media information and has the choice to enter a rewards program : the more he learns, the more he earns points.

The rewards points can be redeemed in your shop or with local merchants. At that moment the visitor becomes a guest !

‘Visitor engagement and activation’ is the key

The ultimate aim is NOT to entertain the guest and to push him away to large or small social networks, where he disappears in a cloud of noise…

You need to keep your guests warm for your cause, you need to cherish them,  make them real friends in your own community.  It is of utmost importance to serve your guests the options they want and need to enhance their own virtual lives.

After his visit, your guest can be kept informed about your events, about new content, about your theme or venue.  It’s a proven effective way to engage and stimulate continuously the interest of the visitor.

Museums and heritage sites social media mix

With modern techniques, museums and heritage sites need to create a mix of social media to ‘entertain’ the guests, bring them further and make them share…

WIZPR.guide mediamix

A few years ago, there were just a few social networks – but now, with the coming of explosively growing new ones, entertaining all those networks is a HUGE work and unfortunately you cannot control the result…

And you have certainly experienced this already : social media has become noise.

There are so much twitterers that your own message disappears.  The visitors hook off.

In the end, it’s not only about ‘entertaining’ but about ‘engaging’ and making the guest your ambassador.

That is where iBeaken comes in : by offering the possibility to use different media, you give the guest himself the choice how to go through your museum or site.

And afterwards you keep him informed of your activities, directly as you would inform family or friends.  Easy 😉