For whom ?

Museums and heritage sites communicate with their visitors in different ways : a human guide fits groups very well, an audioguide will touch a part of the guests, a leaflet too.  But none of these will cover 100% of the ‘needs’ of all visitors.

The mobile internet is on top speed now : 60% of all phones are smartphones (EU2015).  The smartphonistas want more and more information, pictures, videos, etc…

Build your own community

How many guests can you really get interested for your cause ?  And how many of them can you re-activate after the visit ??

Visitors for heritage sites, nature parks or museums are pretty homogenous : they are all seeking extra value, understanding, information, personal enlightenment…  iBeaken works for all of these kinds of sites : it is pretty standard but versatile at the same time. It is easy to use, yet very complete in the options.  People just use it because they have loads of advantages…  and with people using it, you start building up a community !

iBeaken is the perfect tool to start building a real community around your museum or heritage theme.

You can adapt iBeaken to all circumstances : inside or outside, for permanent and for temporary exhibitions.

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