Below just some of the features you can find in the iBeaken platform…

create & publish content rapidly

Our content WYSIWYG tool makes it easy to create content : everything is on one page with a perfect overview of what you have saved before.  As one of our clients said : ‘it’s easier than Facebook !!’

iBeaken publishing platform

integrated media center

The integrated media center makes it easy for the end user to access your media files, quiz, links, rewards program and sharing options. The media center icons only appear when you add some content…

iBeaken is indeed an audioguide, a video channel, a social network for heritage sites and museums…

media center


iBeaken actually detects the language of the guest’s smartphone.  To improve the user experience, it’s best to add several languages depending on the nationality of your guests.

You can add translations yourself or ask our native translators to do that for you.  Important to know we don’t accept machine translations (!!).

your own url, colors and icons

Your style and image are important.  You can use your own URL, your own colors, your own icons and logo to enhance your presence.


Outside a museum, iBeakens are found mostly on a circuit.  To create routes, we have partnerships with several route builder websites like cirkwi, routeyou – but you can also add routes from Google maps…

iBeaken itineraries

sharing to 3rd party websites or apps

Your content needs to work, awaken interest and attract people to your venue.  All the content on iBeaken is available – with your consent – for 3rd party websites or apps like : Cirkwi.com, RouteYou.com, Fieldtripper.com, MyGeoReader.com, etc…

We assure that the content stays yours at all time.  The main aim is again to grow your community : the more people who view your content, the more you can make new friends !!

To get people going to ‘the’ tropical beach, you have to show the beach  !

rewards program

The rewards program is the heart of the visitor engagement and activation program.  Each time a guest scans a QR code, shares to social networks, answers a quiz – he earns points.

Points can be exchanged for free coffee, discounts in your own store or with local vendors.

and a lot of other options with our IBEAKEN solution !