These are some questions EVERYBODY asks us all the time 😉  and these are the answers !
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What is the difference between iBeaken and iBeacon ?

iBeacon is an Apple Inc. product, based on the Smart Bluetooth technology, also called BLE.  Although both products have nothing in common in a technological way, iBeaken  CAN be used with iBeacons…

We can set up a complete (and reliable) iBeacon circuit in your venue…

Why should we pay for QR codes ?

Although visitors can access content through QR codes, we don’t sell them  😉

We give you the opportunity to use our platform and to start creating your own community around your own theme.

Do you have a free account ?

Although you can try iBeaken for free during 60 days, we don’t have an unlimited free version unfortunately.

‘Free versions’ are very relative – mostly they are offered by companies that serve adverts or they are heavily sponsored by investors who want to take possession of your visitor’s data.  We want to stay independent and at your service.
The  IBEAKEN CLOUD account is really sharply priced and you have a lot – really a lot – of service !

Who is the owner of my content ?

You stay the owner of your content.  But you allow that we spread the content to 3rd party sites, to attract more visitors…

What’s the difference with wikipedia ?

With iBeaken you stay in control of your story – only you can edit and manage your content…   The content in iBeaken is always a bit more condensed, ideal for the use on smartphones. 

Can we change the lay out for the end user ?

It’s possible to change the front user interface completely with our IBEAKEN LAB solution.

Does one need an app to read IBEAKENs ?

We don’t have an app, because we are 100% convinced that that’s the way to go 😉  Besides that, it’s better to invest your money in a good wifi system.

All content is served to your guest in a mobile browser.  Depending on the location, the user may need a small helper app : e.g. a QR code reader, an image reader, etc…

But… if you want an app, we can of course make one 😉

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