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iBeaken is 'Visitor Engagement and Activation Platform' that aims to entertain, engage and (re-)activate the visitors of museums and heritage and nature sites.  It first allows you to create and manage multilingual stories about objects, art pieces, humans, buildings etc. and publish them on a visitor’s smartphone.
Every organisation that is active in the domains of heritage, museums, natural parks or any other touristic location can make use of our service - provided a good story is being told, concentrating on history and humanity.
An iBeaken can easily be created in just a few minutes, after which it quickly starts leading its own life, not only on smartphone, but also through the websites and apps of several of our partners. All this to tease visitors and make them want to visit your site.
It goes without saying that you remain the manager of your iBeaken at all times, which means you can edit, complete or change them at any time, no matter if the content is plain text, audio, video or images. On site, an iBeaken is usually recognized by a small but prominent personalised label that also provides a good story to technology-nitwits.
Feel free to browse the menu on the left and discover who is already using the iBeaken - you’ll be surprised at the large number of existing enthusiasts!
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