iBeakens now in MyGeoReader

Written by Jo Van Hove on Thursday 25 October 2012 in the category News with the tags , , , .

The iBeakens (heritage and english only for the moment) are now available in MyGeoReader.

The purpose of MyGeoReader is to read to car drivers the points of interests they meet on their road.
It's a great idea that captured my attention positively and the collaboration with MyGeoReader is excellent !!

A funny presentation film can be seen here : 

You can (buy) download and try 'MyGeoReader' from both Appstore as Google Playstore.


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Customer engagement is a real challenge with new technology.  How do you make people adopt and really use QR codes, smartphones, tablets, etc... ?  One way to make something new work, is to make people 'play'.  It's a successfully used recepy by large companies like Apple and Google.

That's why we added a game-element in iBeaken.  We now offer the possibility to add multiple choice questions to the iBeakens.  Every question can have up to four answers in text and images.  Joyful cheers pop up when answers are right or wrong.

Families and children are challenged to pick up iBeakens and answer the questions about what they find in the text, what they see on location or what they know more about the subject.  It's real fun !!

vQR's now available in iBeaken

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From now on you can download classic QR codes AND vQR codes in iBeaken.

The classic QR codes must be always on a white square background in order to be read well.  With the vQR's that changes completely - you don't need a graphics designer to put the QR code on the background anymore.  It happens all completely automatic...  You can put them on any background, even complexe ones like photos.

Here is an example of the same label but with the different QR codes - for you to judge what is best for your project :


Release of 'iBkn habilis'

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Our newest version of iBeaken ('iBkn habilis') has been released and tested during the month of January.

This version combines the power and features of V1.0 ('iBkn gautengensis') with a user friendly creation and managing tool.   We are sure that the experience of working with iBeaken will please hundreds of small and midsize museums, tourist organisations and heritage sites !!

Manage iBeakens

Create iBeakens

Puertas de Galicia Project

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Puertas de Galicia’ is a supramunicipal entity, whose essential task is dynamize and promote the territory's tourism.

The geographic area is situated in the extreme South East of Galicia, natural border with the neighboring country of Portugal and the Spanish region of Castile and León, Spain.

Puertas de Galicia

iBeaken has been chosen to create awareness and attention to various heritage points in the area.  Domestic and foreign travelers access all types of content that help them to understand the importance of the artistic historical legacy that this territory hides.

(San Pedro Mezquita)

NFC rolled out at the Ceramic Museum of Andenne

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Having your information on a mobile site is one thing - but having it on iBeaken is better ;-)

The reasons are simple : iBeaken is a platform that helps to share information automaticaly and in the broadest way possible - through Facebook, through partnerwebsites, through augmented reality...  But also by multiplying the number of ways to access to information.  That is why we have rolled out an NFC system at the Ceramic Museum in Andenne.

The director, Anne Pluymaekers, told us that using smartphones is still complicated for her mostly older visitors.  Entering a URL with tiny screenbuttons or even installing and launching an application to scan a QR code asks some minimum smartphone skills from the visitor.  So the question was : isn't there a more simple system ?

We thought 'contactless technology' could be a solution and we programmed for every iBeaken in the museum an NFC tag.

NFC or Near Field Communication, hu ?  Every one knows this because it is already widely used : it is found for instance in the Belgian Mobib or British Oyster card for paying on the Bus, or the already widely spread Visa contactless payment card, or in book shops as an antitheft device, etc...

I like it a lot because it is 'invisible' technology... It doesn't require any manipulation of the device - you only need to wave your device in front of a label and the information is coming up !  The only thing is : there are not so many devices in the public that have already NFC readers :-(  But Nokia & Samsung take the lead in NFC enabled smartphones...

iBeaken is delivering today ALL outdoor and indoor labels standard with NFC.
The Ceramic Museum in Andenne recently received a NOKIA C7 smartphone as a sponsorship and it is now possible to walk around the museum with a NOKIA phone and picking up all the iBeakens !!

I vividly recommend you to drive down to Andenne to experience the marvelous expo about Belgian Art Deco Ceramics and and try iBeakens with the Nokia C7 !

(a random iBeaken label from the Ceramic Museum in Andenne...)

Info session "New media for tourist organisations, villages and heritage institutions"

Written by Jo Van Hove on Monday 19 September 2011 in the category News.

iBeaken ( en Het Geheugencollectief ( nodigen U uit NU WOENSDAG 21 september om 20h00 op de Info-avond "Nieuwe media voor gemeenten, toeristische spelers en/of organisaties"

"Op woensdag 21 september organiseert de BOOT een sessie over hoe met weinig middelen gedetailleerde informatie over kunstwerken, objecten, landschappen, monumenten of gebouwen aan uw klanten kan worden bezorgd via hun eigen smartphone en in hun eigen taal. Deze sessie is vooral bedoeld om op een hedendaagse manier goed en makkelijk te communiceren over erfgoedopstellingen, toeristische centra, gebouwen, oorlogsrelicten, openluchtmusea, landschappen, kortom overal waar er wat te vertellen valt. Aan de hand van voorbeelden uit binnen- en buitenland tonen we hoe dit systeem voor uw project van belang kan zijn."
Inkom gratis, maar de plaatsen zijn beperkt.
Aanvang 20u00.  Reserveren is noodzakelijk via
Adres :
De Boot
ieperleedijkstraat 1a
B-8650 Merkem

Open Churches Foundation uses iBeakens

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Open kerkenThe Belgian ‘Open Churches Foundation’ recently started using iBeakens in their member churches.

The foundation's goal is to spread and promote the religious heritage and to create the tools for the discovery and understanding of it. With iBeaken Open Churches can deliver more detailed content in different languages about the exceptional religious heritage.

In Belgium more than 200 churches are member of the Open Churches network and most of them will be equipped with iBeakens.

Province of Liege orders Minisites, iBeakens and Cirkwi

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Province de LiègeThe FTPL (Féderation du Tourisme de la Province de Liège) has confirmed the order of 13 packages including deployment of:

  • 13 minisites based on public/private partnership with PIVOT
  • 13 iBeaken sets spread over the 12 master tourist offices
  • 13 Cirkwi implementations

This order confirms iBeaken as a major and serious player in the field of the tourist industry and will help the FTPL and the tourist offices to market the Province of Liège as a quality tourist destination.