iBeaken is now WIZPR.guide


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Since 2010, the trade mark ‘iBeaken’ is standing for an ‘interactive beacon’ for the museum and heritage sectors.  Many sites and museums have followed us in the adventure and use our ‘iBeakens’ every day, generating more than 5.000 new unique vistors per month !

But the mix up with apple’s smart bluetooth product ‘ibeacon’ is disturbing the communication around our Visitor Engagement and Activation Project heavily.

We decided to use our positive energy for the project and change the name to WIZPR.guide.

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A museum and heritage whisperer

WIZPR.guide is first and for all a heritage and museum guide that shows you the way to multimedia and multilingual information.  Like a grandparent takes a child by the hand to stroll through the large corridors of a museum, WIZPR.guide leads you along galleries and artworks to discovery and enchantment.  That guide is your personal museum and heritage whisperer.

WIZPR.guide does that in a discrete and gentle way, whispering – not disturbing the visit…  The main aim is to create a community, using the smartphone as a tool.

What changes for iBeaken clients and users ?

Many obvious transparent changes like the name, a new logo and the simplified services WIZPR CLOUD and WIZPR LAB are now implemented, but we keep up the excellent service for your guests…  We will continue to search for the best way to interact with the visitors, looking for innovative, accessible and working solutions – all in HTML5.

The ‘old’ domains iBeaken.mobi and iBeaken.com will continue to exist, linked to numerous panels and labels that have been placed in heritage sites and museums, but the user will be forwarded automatically to the new WIZPR.mobi or WIZPR.guide url.

Do you have questions ??  Contact us immediately and we’ll answer asap !

Enjoy the new WIZPR.guide 😉